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by user 227 • Id 694 • from Indonesia • 193 views • 5 years ago
There are some other variants similar to Duku, such as Pundong, Langsep, and Kokosan. However, Duku is the sweetest among them....more

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Passion Fruit
by user 227 • Id 541 • from Indonesia • 156 views • 5 years ago
My Passion fruit tree is so productive. I can pick up to 15 ripe fruits at once....more

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by user 69 • Id 214 • from Sydney • 134 views • 5 years ago
Very fond of bananas- its rich carbohydrate content will give you an energy boost. However, over ripe bananas can have considerable amount of sugar in it. Trying to train mysel...more

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Salad Leaves
by user 63 • Id 475 • from Coogee, NSW, Australia • 121 views • 5 years ago
Baby Salad Leaves pack made by Coolibah Herbs. Bought this on 14 January 2014. It seemed good this morning. Took it out of fridge and it has been a hot day. Lost mositure and s...more

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