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by user 165 • Id 675 • from It is being sold by farmers in the streets throughout Mindanao, Philippines. • 166 views • 6 years ago
Marang bears fruit between January to March. Each fruit costs between P10-40 pesos depending on the size. It is best eaten when it is not ripen thoroughly and must be eaten ri...more

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star fruit or balimbing
by user 394 • Id 588 • from davao city philippines • 157 views • 6 years ago

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by user 302 • Id 524 • from Lowveld region, South Africa • 156 views • 6 years ago
No human has ever been able to grow a Maroela tree from seed, it has to go through the intestines of an Elephant and land in a pile of Elephant dung, otherwise it does not grow...more

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Kemangi ( Basil )
by user 227 • Id 426 • from Indonesia • 106 views • 6 years ago
It's often eaten with grilled chicken or cat fish....more

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Turmeric / Kunyit
by user 340 • Id 749 • from at the market • 58 views • 6 years ago
Turmeric is a root tuber that were used for cooking and for medicinal herbs. Turmeric is used as an anti-biotic. in Indonesia is often used as an ingredient in herbal "jamu kun...more

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