Carbon Capture Calculator For Food Growers

Helping people who grow fruits & vegetables to calculate how much carbon they are capturing. This will support food gardening and also the environment.

Help capture carbon and support small growers

The Allripe team help people to assess food quality & safety themselves, with an emphasis on food gardeners and small farmers. These people play an important role in capturing carbon and we are working on a project to support this.

The Problem

Scientists say that the world is heating up, fast. It is widely believed that the gas Carbon Dioxide is one of the main contributors to global warming.

Capturing carbon reduces the thickening of the atmosphere. Growing fruits, vegetables is one way of tackling the global warming problem right in your backyard. Most people, however, are unable to access information on how much carbon they are capturing by growing fruits and vegetables.

The Solution

Allripe is creating a web-based Application that can calculate the amount of carbon captured by growing fruits and vegetables. We call this the Carbon Capture Calculator. This will enable growers to measure exactly how much carbon their produce is offsetting. We believe this is a great tool to empower anyone to create positive changes to the environment.

You will be helping many growers as well as the environment by supporting the Carbon Capture Calculator.

Allripe is creating a carbon capture calculator that allows anyone growing food to measure how much they are capturing and aggregate their capturing with others. This will enable them to see exactly how they are helping the environment. This can also be used as the basis of a database to help gain greater recognition of small scale producers who are traditionally locked out of emission trading schemes.

The carbon capture calculator will be hosted as a website application on and will be free to use. To accurately calculate the amount of carbon that is captured by fruit and vegetable producers, Allripe will need to consider over 50 factors.

These factors will be tied together by an algorithm developed by the Allripe team, which will then produce an exact measure of the amount of carbon captured. Below is an example of how tomatoes capture carbon:

“X amount of tomatoes capture Y amount of Carbon per Z amount of time. This translates to N amount of carbon per year per person which is equivalent to M amount of carbon per community per year. At this rate, P amount of carbon will be offset by one community in K years.”

This application will allow you to share your progress with a group or a community via Allripe’s DIY food assessment platform. You can aggregate your “captured carbon,” set targets and goals, and even compete with each other. You can also see how people from different parts of the world are doing their part in reversing their carbon footprint.

We want to make this calculator as effective and easy to use as possible. This should support & encourage people to grow fruits and vegetables.

You can make a difference

You can support this campaign with contributions and we would also appreciate if you can get the word out. The more people aware of what they can do to capture carbon the better.

We need $15,000 to complete the work on the Carbon Capture Calculator. We have already developed part of it and now need support to develop the rest so that it is ready to use. So far our work has included: research, databases, modelling and coding. We need additional funds to help with further modelling and coding as well as rigorous testing and improving the user experience.

Get recognition as a Carbon Captor
  • Contributing $2 will get you a thank you for your contribution to the Carbon Capture Calculator.
  • Contributing $10 will get your initials as a supporter on the Carbon Captors page.
  • Contributing $50 will get your name as a supporter on the Carbon Captors page.
  • Contributing $100 will get your name listed as a sponsor on the Carbon Captors page.
  • Contributing $500 will get your name highlighted on the Carbon Captors page.
  • Contributing $1000 will get your name in the headlines on the Carbon Captors page as well as your ability to write a message on the page.

The Allripe team have already created a number of functions for people to assess food, including: a function to upload & share assessments, a food assessment learning game, a visual catalogue to assess food you grow and more. We have the capability to create meaningful tools for food gardeners and small growers, we need your support to help build the Carbon Capture Calculator.